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Debian – “SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill”

January 24th, 2014 1 comment


Here’s how I fixed this::twisted:

After trying all the options (which didn’t work) I decided to put back the original HDD that I have for the laptop with Win7. After booting the Win7 I did:

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1. Open the device manager
2. Found my wireless adapter, then right click disable and again right click uninstall and checked the checkbox "Remove drivers"
3. Uninstall all drivers, Reboot, Install Drivers, Reboot
4. After the boot the system recognized my Wifi
5. Click the windows balloon at the bottom right corner and choose "Install Automatically" - this way Windows finds the driver online and it downloads the correct one by itself.
6. My ASUS have Live Update software - looks like this (not mine on the screenshot!). After opening the Asus Live Update it automatically recognized that there's an update, checked the required update and clicked "Install"
7. Reboot
8. Wireless is back ON!!!


Next… Switching hard drives, removed the original and installed the new SSD with the Debian. I made an update over the LAN, then upgrade, removed some junky drivers which I tested with before and couldn’t get working and left only the Atheros Firmware. Works Perfectly! :mrgreen:
I spent may be 2 weeks and reinstalled Debian and Ubuntu over 20 times, including compiling my own Kernels, trying to figure out what was wrong… I even torn apart the whole laptop to check what’s the exact model of the Wi-Fi and check if everything was installed correctly. I was about to buy a new mini PCI Wi-Fi adapter…
Under Linux is a no go. I found may be over 100 people having the same issue and different geeks and experts were suggesting 1000 different approaches which didn’t work for me, neither for them. Few people said that they fixed it under Windows. Worked for me as well. If you have such problem just switch back to Windows and let it do it’s work! Finally something useful from Windows :lol:

I thought that there was something wrong with me and I was about to grab the hammer, but it seems that the keyboard shortcuts in combination with the firmware and the power switch (which I assume I was playing with) broke the Wi-Fi capability. I guess there’s a Kernel problem, which needs some SERIOUS fix!
But hey, it’s up and running now. :mrgreen:
Finally I can install my web development work environment and have fun! YAY!!! :mrgreen:

Oh Forgot! After all the crap, my laptop didn’t connect to the router (D-Link DIR-655), sooo I decided to upgrade the firmware :lol: aaand my router was a brick after the upgrade :lol: Another 2-3 hours… research, firmware upgrades… hard resets… :shock: But this is the tutorial,14090809 that helped me! Now I’m running the latest firmware and that fixed my laptop Wi-Fi connectivity issue. :mrgreen:

Here’s my full post on the Debian website:

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