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Router Reboots After Adding New Device

January 2nd, 2016 2 comments

I had a problem with my router (D-Link DIR-655) when introducing a new wireless device to the network. I found this to be caused by the automatic transmission rate setting in my router.

I did search everywhere for any kind of information about this problem without success. No one could tell where exactly was the problem coming from. I found other people reporting the same problem with other router makes and models.

Here’s how I will explain the problem.
When connecting different devices with different wireless adapter capabilities the router is trying to find the best and fastest for all devices transmission rate when set to auto. After choosing new transmission rate setting the router needs to be reloaded. In most cases this will not affect your wired connected devices, but only your wireless. In some cases might have to reboot the whole system, which will lead to network downtime.

How changing the “Transmission Rate” affects my router?
For example on a 54 Mbps router, changing the Transmit Rate allows the device to work at a specific speed for wireless transmissions.  The default Transmit Rate is usually Auto with a range of 1 to 54 Mbps.

To solve this problem you need to define custom transmission rate.

In the D-Link Router (D-Link DIR-655) Firmware (Hardware Version: B1; Firmware Version: 2.11NA) this is located in “SETUP” > “Wireless Settings” > “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” > “Transmission Rate”.

Change it to different option value, save, reboot and test it out.

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